Helpful FAQs

Cleaning your gutters yourself can be a safety risk for an inexperienced and unprepared householder. Our gutter cleaners have years of experience working at heights and using harnesses. We also carry powerful blowers and other specialised equipment to make the job quicker, safer and more efficient. Having clear gutters helps reduce the risk of fire, extends the lifespan of the gutters and makes the place look tidy.
The price is based on various factors, such as how high the roof is, how full the gutters are, the kind of roof and angle it’s pitched at. However the cost of professional gutter cleaning is still cheaper than getting a roofer to fix serious roof and gutter damage due to lack of maintenance.
You may notice some signs that your gutters are full and require cleaning. Do your gutters overflow when it rains? Can you see debris building up over the top of your gutters? Do you see any water draining out of your downpipes? If your gutters overflow or you can see debris in your gutters or there is no water coming out of your drainpipes, this means you have clogged gutters. Badly clogged gutters need to be taken care of immediately.
A regular gutter cleaning schedule is vital for your gutter system to maintain optimum performance. Twice yearly cleaning is recommended, once in Spring and once in Autumn is typically adequate for most homes. However, factors such as your home being surrounded by large trees, means you may need to clean your gutters more often.
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